Richard W Hyde (Ric Hyde)

Born London 1936

Richard studied fine art at Camberwell School of Art London, followed by two years of national service and a further two years at the Slade.

Theme’s in Richards work relate to his boyhood, living amongst a blitzed London of bombed out deserted homes, of ruins and overgrown lost gardens. A strange kind of magic for a boy to explore.

Later, swimming in the ponds on Hampstead Heath, exploring the eroticism of Soho and all the experiences that art school brings. The camp in Germany, surrounded by a dark pine forests interfaced with still deep lakes, where Richard was able, at times to be alone, swim and reconnect with the natural world.

Richard’s subject matter includes, the unfrequented places.

He encompasses the eroticism, and the diverse matter of human activity, with its sometimes ludicrous, political, religious and sexual mores with which we happily snag our lives.

The style and subject matter, over the years, moves fluidly between the allegorical and abstraction, yet always with poetic sensibility.

Richard has been included in numerous mixed exhibitions. His work is in private collections in the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, and the Nordic States.